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Sojan and Saare by ShadowDrac
Sojan and Saare
I'm learning! 

Saare and Sojan are the mirror image of one entity- the result of a single event that changed the course of a man’s life in its entirety. Saare (just short for Saarebas) was raised under the Qun and travels in a karataam hunting Tal'Vashoth. Sojan, on the other hand, was raised Vasoth, his parents having fled the Qun when his mother discovered she was pregnant (her union with Sojan's father was not endorsed by the Qun). 

Sojan is my Inquisitor in DA:I. 

I gave up on Sojan's outer eye. I just couldn't get it to participate. 
2014 Compilation, AKA learning how to art by ShadowDrac
2014 Compilation, AKA learning how to art
I've really lost myself to school over the last few years and now I'm trying to get something back. I've never been the best, especially at human form, but I want to get better, so, practice! Some of the eyes, nose, lips, expressions, etc were tutorials I used as reference.

So, the time line on this is a little weird. It sort of starts at the top left corner, goes right, down, back to the left and down to the naga and his companion, over Dorian Pavus to the tiefling paladin in the corner, and back to Dorian, then down and right, lol. (I'm sure that didn't make much sense, but hopefully the improvement shows.)

Some of this, and it's pretty easy to tell which ones, were done through Sai's curve tool. My friend makes amazing line art using this method, but I haven't gotten the hang of it at all, haha. I think I'll stick to messy style sketching. 
Oh, hey. Sorry for the sudden photo bombing all of the sudden. -sorta not really- XD

I had this sudden realization that I should really post my stuff to DA more often, and that I have got a lot done recently and have a lot to share. Hopefully I'll get more finished up this summer and I can post final product pictures. :3

Anyways, enjoy the photos and things!

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WHOA! Hi! XDD Yeesh, it's been a while. I must learn to contact people more often! HOW ARE YOU?
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Oh, the usual insanity. I'm as goobery as ever. :3 Though I just had the most terribly experience at the campus costume shop... You know how it feels when someone purposefully sets you up for failure- three times in a row? Yeaaaah... Screw dat. ANYWHO, I'm alive. XD And switching to a graphic arts minor, or something like that... Anyways, are you happy wherever the heck you went? How are things rolling?
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thank you much for the :+fav:!! :D :heart:

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